Saturday, October 2, 2010

What Now?

Well, it’s now been two weeks I’ve had this going. What started in the beginning as an aggravation, has now turned into a full-scale movement. At least I hope I can count on the support of the latest addition to the organizations and friends that I have in facebook. I feel pretty confident that these young people living in the United States have the tenacity and courage to make their stand against any Childish, Terroristic Acts of Corruption. You know, it does bother me that my family and many of the friends around us are in such fear right now. Many of them are worried for not only their own safety, but also for mine.

I have not related any of the things this community goes through on a daily basis, many of which puts fear into the hearts of everyone. And I have to be honest; the corruption in this country has become self-sustaining. One generation after another of families on this side or that. Clan anger and sometime battles, as the Maguindanao Massacre. Frequent attacks by the NPA - New Peoples Army; killings, roadway ambushes, and kidnappings occur with some regularity here. So it is understandable that there is much fear to be overcome. But there are answers, it just takes everyone working together to stop this.

And while there are probably some of these officials that should be charged and prosecuted for their actions, actually the best strategy under the present conditions of fear that exists here is to practice strict biblical principles and values to solve this unbelievable problem. Let’s start with Honesty and Integrity, then work our way up to forgiveness and ministering. That is the Christian way to handle such a monstrous villain, as corruption is certainly just exactly that. So where do we go from here. First some Honesty; let each person who has participated in corrupt actions, stand before a town meeting with news cameras there and rolling. You will admit your wrong-doings to the entire community, possibly mentioning some of the people you cheated. You will humbly apologize for your actions, and you will ask forgiveness from everyone there and our Lord in Heaven. You will swear on the Holy Bible, your hand placed on the Bible as it rests over your heart, that you will never commit such acts again, and you will promise that you will spend the rest of your life making the effort to pay back to the community all you have stolen over the years. Then we try to go on and solve the problems of poverty that you help cause.

Just so everyone clearly understands, all the employees, here in Lianga and all across this county, in each of the offices where these corrupt practices like SOP’s take place, are guilty of corruption. If you worked in this office in Lianga, then you know that these things have been going on for years. You are a government employee, paid by the tax payers, hired by the government, you are an employee with responsibilities to your job. One of them is that if you see illegal actions taking place in your office you are to report it to your higher authority, in this case out of that office. Every government employee should know that! So if you sit by while these things went on in the office you work in, then you are just as guilty as the one who took the money. GUILTY! So its time for you to take responsibilities for your actions or inaction. The solution offered in the above paragraph should and probably will be your only escape from spending a good many years in prison.  Your President has warned exactly that. Believe me you would not like it.

To inform everyone, after the revelation I had today, and what I believe was communication and guidance from my Lord and Savior, I contacted my Church, the Southern Baptist Convention. I explained to them the situation, I explained to them my initial reasons for coming here, I explained to them the problems that exist here, I gave them the web addresses of my blogs, I asked them for forgiveness for my past sins, and I told them of the re-dedication of my life to my Lord and my plans to continue on with this fight. I asked them to do whatever they could to help in the Philippines. I’ve contact many groups where all of them seem to want to help make the Philippines that which it should be today. I’ve made contacts with Filipino’s all over the world, each of them worried and concerned about their fellow countrymen. Now is the time to make this change for the betterment of this whole country. Now is the time to step up in this world and become that which you should each aspire to become. Now is the time to secure better chances and possibilities for your youth, your children. If there were no other reasons for fixing these problems now, your children should be enough to motivate you to make a stand. Good luck to each of you as we try to make a better future.

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