Saturday, October 2, 2010

Properly Managing The Philippines A Must - Comment

The article “Properly Managing The Philippines A Must” at, and the comments is a great example of what is wrong in this country. I have always maintained that the people here are good, kind, loving, and hard working. Your exuberance and the way that most present themselves either here or abroad is so impressive, but I've noticed that there is much fear in everyone and an inability to focus clearly on the most important aspect of this country. Corruption! It's like when the subject of corruption comes up many run and hide and refuse to be heard. Why is that? This small community I live in, I love with all my heart. I believe it is a great place to live and raise my children; I'm ready and willing to fight against anyone or anything that prevents this community from succeeding and providing my dear children with opportunities. My fight has been frustrating at times. I do fully realize that as an American I sometimes expect things to happen more quickly than they ever do here in the Philippines. I'm from a country where there is instant access to services and clear-cut procedures laid out in a proper and complete manner. Many times I shake my head in amazement at the length of time it takes for almost everything here. Waiting 3 hours at the bank to make a deposit, spending months waiting for a simple permit that takes all of 5 minutes to prepare. What is the problem and more importantly what are the solutions?

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