Monday, January 14, 2008

Barangay Development Plan

The development plan is still under construction, but in the interest of getting information on the internet I've set up a download from Google Groups for what we have finished so far. All of the information is exactly how it appears in the hard copy with additions where noted. This will be an ongoing operation for us as we intend to update more of the information later. We welcome any comments about the plan from anyone who might have suggestions or possibly complaints about some of the information. I'll tell you from personal experience that a lot of the information contained in the hard copy we were given is incorrect or at least less accurate than it should be. We do acknowledge that the task of preparing something like this can be monumental and our hats are off to those involved with the gathering of the information, and to be honest its a great start. Now we hope to keep the fire going and add information as it becomes available. The greatest thing about the internet rather than hard copy books is that you can continually update the information without going through the expense of binding a new hard copy booklet.
You can see the link under the heading Our Favorite Links, what you will get is a Word 2003 document download, it will open in Word 2003 and later, if anyone needs it in another format let me know and I'll gladly set that up as well, but with the changes that we are still making I don't want to do that unless it's needed. It would mean updating several files as we make changes rather than just the one. But if anyone cannot use Word to view it we will make it available in your selected format.
We hope everyone enjoys the information, and also I would like to invite you to take a look at Google Earth as we continue to add GPS located landmarks in this area. Just make sure you turn on Google Earth Community in the layer toolbar. Kansilad was my first post to the community and I would like to start adding many landmarks in the future. Enjoy

The Future

For those who may read this in another country, I have some good news. The Development Plan for Saint Christine has finally been delivered to us. Merejen and I are retyping it so we can put in on this website for others to view. We are about two thirds finished and we will soon start putting it up while we finish the final clean up. We hope that many will find the information useful or at the very least interesting. We are making every effort to update the information as some of it is from 2005. When finished, it will contain a lot of data gathered by using GPS, and we hope to have a satellite image with the roads and some major landmarks displayed.
We are hoping that this will become the first step in some major improvements in the Barangay and we encourage anyone with ideas, questions about the Barangay to use this blog as a method to be heard.
We had a wonderful holiday season and we got to spend a lot of time with the family and some friends. There are many we didn't get a chance to be with and we sincerely apologize for just running out of days for the holidays to get to everyone. We hope that each and every one of you had a joyous and happy holiday season, and we hope that the coming year brings you much happiness.

Mark and Merejen