Friday, October 31, 2008

Getting Started Slowly

Finally!!! Phoenix St. Christine begins to rise!!!
The filling of our gas station site has finally begun. It has been a long tedious road to get to this point, but most of the obstacles are over now. We are getting the support and help we need to get this vital project realized. Gov. Pimentel graciously agreed to help us with the 9000 cubic meters of filling to bring the site to road level. His support for the development of the Barangay is deeply appreciated, and should be remembered by all the local residents. Likewise Johnny Pimentel has lent his support and advise to this area a great deal and will always be held in great regard by my family and I, as he pursues his future. Phoenix officials have extended their support to our project by supplying a temporary fuel tank and dispenser for the trucks and equipment working at the site.