Saturday, October 2, 2010


What is SOP? SOP here in the Philippines stands for Standard Operating Procedure. These Filipinos picked this up when US Forces were here driving the Japanese off these islands. But in the US Military SOP never means money. Its a written step by step process for the completion of a task. Period! Just to keep everyone informed. The SOP for a transportation permit for shipping lumber is between 1000 and 5000 pesos per truckload, if its legal lumber. Higher if the lumber is illegal, but the DENR will gladly process either one. Now let's just compare here for a moment. These government employees, paid by the tax payers, earn their salary, then get let's say just 1000 per truckload. But wait, there are sometimes many trucks a day, but let's just stick with one. The salary of a skilled carpenter here is 300 pesos per day, a skilled electrician 300 pesos per day, our band saw operators between 500 and 700 peso per day, our general laborers 180 pesos per day, many of the people here make 150 pesos per day. And just to let you know the minimum wage here is 213.00 pesos  per day if the business employees 10 or less, and 243.00 if 10 or more. How much did that Government Employee get? What do you think they would do to protect that valuable income? What have they done? Let's take a look. DENR is to protect natural resourses and what part did they play in the murder of our Police Chief? Lets look closely at the words of the NPA in this article NPA accuses DENR If you read between the lines in these articles, there is a big question that should jump out at you. Stay tuned for my next installment where we will discuss cutting allowances.

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