Sunday, October 3, 2010

He Stands at the door and knocks. . .

I sit here in this tiny one bedroom apartment in Lianga, Surigao del Sur, thinking with all my strength and efforts. The apartment is about the size of a 2 car garage in the United States. But I, and my family are among the fortunate ones here in this community. We have a refrigerator, air conditioner, hot shower, and water dispenser. We don’t have a car, we have some motorcycles which have all now been pawned to feed us while this disastrous ordeal plays out.

I’ve commented to my friends; I didn’t come here to fight. I am a peace loving person, a kind and compassionate person, a generous person; I’ve displayed that as openly as I know how. Am I a saint, absolutely not, I’m just a good old country boy whose only desire is to help. I thought with my skills, knowledge, and abilities I could jump in here and quickly help this community. I’m still trying! The battle has taken many turns, this battle of mine which started in April 2007.

Many I’m sure think I’m crazy or possessed, and maybe I am, but only in the manner that is good and right, possessed by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is His teaching that I follow and always will. I have read thousands of books in my life; many science fiction for I enjoy them, but also a lot of Prophesy and of course the Bible. I love to read, I love history, no matter the book there are always valuable lessons that can be learned if you apply them properly in your life. The Holy Bible is filled with valuable lessons because it was to be our guide through life; instructions have been put in place that leads to a good life. Oh, if we could just learn those lessons, even I have failed to learn all of them, and many times I’ve failed to follow those lessons I know. I’ve done bad things in my life; I’ve had to ask forgiveness from my Lord so many times in my life. And the Lord has always forgiven me. Right now he is asking my help in continuing His struggle started 2000 years ago, which His Father started in the beginning. Let us all please learn the lessons that are freely available.

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