Saturday, October 2, 2010

Folks Please

So many people are focusing on this problem and that. I'm telling each and every one of you. The problem that you must focus on is Corruption. That has to come first and foremost. None of the other problems can even be worked on until you end Corruption. All these Childish, Terroristic Acts of Corruption has soiled this country. You have a man trying to help and he's standing nearly alone. He has taken the fight to the only place it can be waged. The only place that there was any hope of getting proper help, the only place where people would be courageous enough to make a stand. This situation with the fight I'm waging should be a wake-up call to this entire nation. You have a values problem here. Don't spend your money trying to fix all these other things till you can have people with the proper values who won't take that money and use it to buy them a car, etc. Wake UP!!

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