Sunday, October 3, 2010

It Might Be Time!

I have been in this fight a long time, I started on Sept 17, although, even before, I started this fight when I came here in 2007, using 12 million pesos of my inheritance to open businesses that would benefit the entire community. I've struggled for over 3 years now to help the friends and neighbors I love. I've spent sleepless nights trying to come up with a way to help these people faster, but the corruption here has blocked me at every turn. So I fight.

Look into my history at over the last 2 weeks I've cried many tears of disgrace for the failure of the Church, I've talked with my Lord and Savior on a minute by minute basis. I feel the wings of Angels as they gently comfort me. And my fight marches on. The Hand of God is leading me in this fight. I've followed His every command, to the letter.

He has chastised me many times over the last 2 weeks. Even letting me talk back to him on occasion, but just to let me see his words in action as they came out of my mouth. Every time I tried to avoid any larger confrontation he scolded me. He has put me in this place at this time to make a stand. The news media and some of you good citizens are really not helping the fight. By dividing this fight into so many different non-connected places the True Word of Jesus Christ can not get out. We must join together in this oh so important a fight. Please let's find one place to deal with these problems.

I implore each one of you, to the webmasters, make this happen. To each of you my blessings I give to you. My Church and My Lord, I Love You! Looking back at my life, I now see the path that Jesus wanted me to pursue. I see the many aspects of my life as they now unfold in this battle against poverty and corruption, every incident in my past was placed before me to prepare me for this battle. My Lord has never failed me, and I will not fail Him. He strengthens me and lifts me up so I may continue His good work started 2000 years ago. The Master Planner is in motion folks, It may be time to listen. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself to save us all. There are sacrifices being made today, let's not treat those who care, as Jesus was treated. In 2000 years of history, have we not learned better? I have sent wife and children out of town during these last few days of this fight. I need all the help of right-thinking people to come together in one place so we may start to heal and fix these problems.

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