Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Answer

Friends, thank the Good Lord he laid a thought on me that is so amazing, so monumental it could only have come from our Dear Lord Jesus Christ himself, my friends this was truly Heaven Sent. I've just sent a letter to the Southern Baptist Convention in the US. In a momentary fit of brilliance led by the Holy Spirit within me I wrote the most beautiful letter in my life, but I take no credit at all for the letter it was Jesus.
I've called for one of the largest Revivals in history, an entire nation in Revival at once, teaching the values that are needed, the values that must exist here if the Philippines stands any hope of improving, growing, and reaching its potential. A Revival, teaching all the values that leads to a happier, healthier, and more productive lives.
Now is the time for this, the Lord gave it to us, all of us must use it and spread the word. Contact the Southern Baptist Convention's website, there is a contact page where you can state your desire to be reached. Do it now everyone, for you, your children, their children and into the future.
I could no longer hold it in, I had to reach out to my friends here. Below is a chat I had with a man that inspired me, gave me advise that helped lead me to this revelation.
Carlos, hope you've had time to read my messages, you were right yesterday tomorrow is brighter.
Yes he is and he is a Genius, this will help not only the Philippines, but also America, people have been looking for hope, they've needed a cause to fight for, this is it. It will bring both countries closer and enrich the lives of citizens in both country's.
It could even spread from here into the world, and look what dignity the Philippines will have then. Philippines the site of the Largest Revival in History.
It's the answer my friend, and the only one that will work, it's the only thing that can bring the values that the Holy Roman Church failed to teach. It's the only answer that will end corruption for good.
It's the only thing that will bring values that gives children a better fighting chance in this world.
I just wanted to touch base with you, I have other preparations to do now, but wanted you to know your thoughts yesterday helped me shed the stress that had built up and I got some good sleep. And now I know what God had planned all along. Take care my friend.

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