Saturday, October 9, 2010

Get Thee Behind me satan!!!

Below is my response to an article in Kuro-Kuro from a heathen muslim entitled:“ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE ON ENVIRONMENT VIZ-A-VIZ MINDANAO NATURAL RESOURCES”

Ernesto T. Santa Cruz, you demonic minion of satan; you may have many fooled, but you do not fool this man of God. You and your kind are on the losing side, and you don't even realize it yet. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will rebuke you. You are destined for the fiery pit of hell, and damnation is what awaits you for an eternity. Your only chance, which not one of you will take, is to humble yourself before the Lord God Almighty and ask His forgiveness.

You and your lying, murdering, prophet; have worked hand in hand with satan to take over this world with your Holy War, but you are destined to fail, and when you do there will be no second chances, your future is written in the Book of Revelations where this time would come to pass. You think you have invaded enough of the world that you are superior, but your weaknesses will bring you down.

You and your kind are a disgrace to the human race. Your despicable prohet, muhammad ibn ‘abdullāh was a liar, murderer, and molested woman and probably children. He was cast out of his place of birth for promoting unGodly beliefs, came back after building an army of fools, and destroyed the entire city out of revenge. The One True God, would never condone revenge therefore whatever you call your god, his real name is satan.

There are enough good Christians in this world to stand against all of you, but remember; we have the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on our side. Our robes will be washed white as snow and we will dwell with our Heavenly Father forever and ever. At the most you get to make you noises for 7 years, then the end comes, and you will be defeated in the mighty battle of Armageddon. You and your god satan, with the anti-christ will be cast down into the fires of hell; where you will feel, and live the torment you so much deserve. Remember who you fight, satan remembers him well, you are going against Father God, Jesus Christ, all the Archangels, the other Angels, and His One True Church. You will fight against the likes of me, a person who will not stop, will not rest, until all you heathen are destroyed.

Get thee behind me satan, in the Name of our Lord Savior, Jesus Christ I BIND you and your minions from any harm against Good, Honest, Christians. I CALL down 10,000 Angels to surround and protect each one of us. We stand firmly on Your Side Oh Lord, we commit ourselves to Your Glory and your Loving Kindness.

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