Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Battle Lines are Drawn

Let me make as clear a statement as I can. For any Corrupt official heed this advise well. I am a very Peaceful person, a pacifist at heart, my time in the military was spent saving lives in the United States Coast Guard. I daily put my life at risk to save the life of another of my countrymen. Think of the movie "Guardian". I am a generous, caring man and the most important thing in this world, here on this earth is my family, especially my children. Within my family there is no excuse for intrusions from others, nor is there any excuse for preventing me from taking care of my family in the way I see fit. The protection of children is a survival instinct in each of us, or at least it should be. If you put me in the position where I can not provide for my children in what I believe is the proper way, or pamper them in the way that I believe is appropriate for the ones that will carry my name when I'm gone. You have intruded where you don't belong and you will be removed. This is no threat, it's a clear warning to anyone that wants to continue standing in our way. This is it, the battle lines are drawn, decide right now whether you want to come down on the winning side.

Putting me in survival instinct is not the place anyone wants me. In survival mode, my hammer is cocked, my hair trigger is oiled, and I'm ready in an instant to attack with a vengeance beyond any imagination. The absolute last thing anyone wants to do right now, is to make the mistake of pushing any of my buttons. I have told everyone I've met here, I believe in the truth, I'm dedicated to always telling the truth whether it is for my own good or not. I do not like to be lied to, but God help you if you ever accuse me of lying. Today I received a phone call from the CENR that I accused of corruption. The first few seconds of the call were reserved while he spoke of my information on the internet, but then he made the horrible mistake of lying to me while at the same time accusing me of lying. He said he never asked me for money. Buttons Pushed needless to say the conversation was pretty one-sided after that. I proceeded to hold up to his face his deception, mentioning the other 3 people who witnessed his request. Still he refused to become an adult and take responsibility for his actions. Only continuing to try to make one excuse after another. So I asked him, "I guess you also want to tell me that the DENR office does not ask for SOP's for every transportation request we've submitted for our sawmill." Rather than waste my time in any further non-productive conversations with an illiterate, childish idiot, I ended the call. That man better thank his Father in Heaven that he did not present himself to me face to face.

Trying to excuse your way out of any of the Childish, Terroristic Acts of Corruption you've committed is useless now.  You choose your side, you choose to cheat the citizens around you, you stole money from many who were much less fortunate than you, you blocked someone who's major desire was to help his neighbors and friends with a little economic boost to the community. You despicable excuse for a human being. How dare you, you stand no chance to ever reach a level of wisdom that comes after proper actions. I'm sure you think your call to me would put fear into me to get me to back off. YOU DO NOT KNOW ME!!! Maybe you think because of your position that you are greater than I, let me tell you something mister, you put your pants on the same way I do. With the corrupt practices you've committed you've lowered your status in this world. To me you are dog shit that I need to brush off my shoes! You are a nothing! You are not worthy of my time and effort to respond to a miserable excuse for human flesh. Do not make the mistake of approaching me, the battle lines are drawn, and this man you've choose to fight has the resolve and fortitude to stand toe to toe with you.

Take my advise!!

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