Thursday, June 18, 2009


Finally our electric is energized at the Sawmill, we can not start the process of hiring employees yet, but now I can inform anyone who follows this blog about the next plans.
We needed the cash flow from this Sawmill to continue with the other projects we have planned. Merejen, John Mark (our business partner), and I have talked extensively about our future plans. The profits coming from the Sawmill will first be used to finish the filling for the gas station. Yes the gas station is still planned and will be the next business at our site.
That 7000 square meters is going to get a lot of use. It is our plan to almost completely fill that site with businesses. I recently received a comment to one of my posts saying that they thought a different business, an ice plant, might be the best thing to have in St. Christine because of the fishing industry that seems to be growing there. I don't know the name of the commenter, but they are very good at reading our minds. An Ice Plant is planned for the site, it is planned to go in the space right behind the Sawmill toward the river. Our plan is to build a delivery system, which will deliver ice directly to the boats. That is the type system I'm the most familiar with from the US. The Ice Plant has been in our plans from the very beginning, but other things were needed first.
The overall design of our plan is to provide fuel at the rivers edge along with ice, and to also provide a place for the boats to offload their catch. Unfortunately I was expecting the Barangay to be well on their way to building a public market for the boats to sell their catch, but as most people can see, there has been no progress on that as yet. Merejen's dad has faced opposition on the planned public market, so the ice plant has remained on hold until the Barangay gets off their ______, you fill in the blank.
We have heard so much gossip about our plans in the Barangay, I find it remarkable that with the economy the way it is, people have so much time on their hands for idle gossip which does nothing but confuse other people. If people want to know what our plans are, all they need to do is ask. We are perfectly willing to let people know what we have in mind, but we are not going to spend a fortune printing documents to let everyone know. If you really want to know, just wait till it happens.
And one last thought, it would be so nice if people would not place rushed expectations on us. With the world economy the way it is, you just can't do things the way you would like. It would be so wonderful if there was unlimited cash available to do our whole plan at once, but that just not the way it is. We have a budget to, and things will happen when our budget permits, not before. Let us have the time we need, and you will see that honesty is so important to me and my family. I will always do what I've said, it just might take longer than I'd like.


  1. Mr. American, I don't know exactly if this one make sense.

    Lianga Bay Logging Company was operated by Geogia Pacific International-an american firm.

    GPI made an ecological impact in the rain forest of Diwata Mountain from 1960 'til the 80's.

    To my mind GPI has the resposibilty to make the neccessary rehabilitation of the place. They (GPI) should provide livelihood projects to the peole of Diatagon and St. Christine like poultry and piggery and food processing plant of livestock.

    Don't be a hero of yourself. You should seek help from GPI. You tell them It is their Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) to address the illing economic, culture, environment, living situation of the people sorrounding the coastal and upland of Lianga Bay.

    ESPECIALLY THE FORMER EMPLOYEES OF THE LOGGING COMPANY. You tell Barak Obama to put some of those Uncle Sam's Stimulus Funds in this place.

    Make noise in the U.S. Congress, or in the U.N. (UNICEF, UNIDO, etc.)

    Your Sawmill won't work nowadays because the DENR Secretary has just issued a memorandum not to issue cutting permit.

    You concentrate on Livestock raising anf fishing industry, like fish preservation, culture, etc.

    You know if you will do that, chances are, you are helping slowing down the strenght of the insurgency.

    Having an ice plant is not enough, you can start producing salted fish or dried fish and export it to europe or even america, you sell it to filipinos there.

    Don't rely on having a potential market of the neighboring places in Mindanao, everone there is thinking the same like you. Make a worldwide market. You have best chnace for that since you can go around the world being an american.

    I have a friend filpino who is residing now in New Zealand, what he did he went to vietnam and import rice to NZ for the filpinos.

    I hope I give you cool idea, right? keep up the good work man!

    Don't bother knowing me, I'm Mr. Al Mighty.

  2. Thanks for the comments to my blog posts in "A Lianga Diary, that regularly keep coming. I have grown to expect and value them for their insight and deep understanding of the many issues that confront us in our part of the world.

    I continue to wish you well in your endeavors and hope that your efforts will bear fruit in the long run because your success, in the final sense, will also ultimately be ours as well.

  3. marlonslimjoco22@yahoo.comJanuary 12, 2010 at 7:29 PM

    Hi Mark and Merejen,

    Couple like you whose intention is to generate job opportunities and uplift the economic status of the less fortunate people on your adopted community is really a laudable one for we know that it entails a lot of sacrifices, uncertain return of investments setting aside your comfort and peace of mind.Go ahead with your plans but do not set aside conducting social investigation,prioritizing your projects one at a time, coordination with the local government so that they will not feel being disrespected but rather would have part and feeling of responsibility of supporting your intention in all aspect as to their capability in making sure that success of your NOBLE plan in making St Christine a better place to live. ( Hope I could visit you on my plan to revisit Lianga and recall good memories early this quarter). GOD SPEED. - MARLON S LIMJOCO, SOUTH BRENT , DEVON, UNITED KINGDOM.

  4. Hi. Have you researched about the required government permits, clearances, etc. for the planned Ice Plant? If so, would you be so kind enough to inform me about them? Thank you.


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