Sunday, February 8, 2009

Still Kicking

Hi folks,
Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still here and kicking. I know lots of people may have heard about my near demise in an accident on my way to San Francisco. The accident was pretty bad, but I managed to make it through it with only a broken right arm, cracked left shoulder, and some kind of damage to my left hip. I will have to say that the medical staff took very good care of me and pulled me through some very painful moments.
Things are still going on in the businesses even with my temporary absence. The Sawmill is just a couple of weeks from opening, and after that gets going we will be back on the final filling of the gas station area. After the filling work, Phoenix will take over and get all the paperwork completed, and then start the building by installing the tanks, pumps, and rain shelter for the vehicles. Hopefully you will see this start within the next couple of months.
After that there is a new project on the horizon. We have almost decided to put in a Ice Plant near the Sawmill and Gas Station. This will help the Fishermen in our area. Too many times I've seen the fishing boats tied up waiting for a shipment of Ice. This needs to end. Our fishermen are hardworking people and if they find a chance, and the weather is good, they don't need to wait on a shipment of Ice to hold them in port.
Thanks to all that offered up prayers for our family during the time of my recuperation.
Mark and Merejen

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