Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Community in Peril!

I’ve watched this beautiful country with so many great potentials and possibilities, so many means to improve the life and living of every citizen, struggle through many international incidents. I keep asking myself how these things could happen in a country that claims 86% of its citizens to be Roman Catholic {Christians}, and a large part claim to be peaceful Muslims. Why is there so much corruption, murder, killing of innocents, human trafficking, and desperate poverty? And now Christian Persecution can be added to the long list of human suffering experienced here. 

It seems that so many here are particularly intent on destroying this country, while achieving for themselves an eternity in the torments of the hell that is soon coming. Are your eyes closed to the destruction that is happening all over the world? Are the earthquakes of greater intensity and in diverse places not enough? Maybe the death of millions of birds, fish, animal, and insects, is not enough to make you see? Maybe the flooding and other weather signs are not enough to make you hear the Words of our Almighty Creator? Oh, how about the celestial body that is on its way toward earth arriving here this September, maybe then you will see that the end of all life, or at the very least, end of life as we have known it for centuries IS OVER! 

The Heavenly Father is judging all our actions and we are accountable to our Creator, and honestly right now the human race is not fairing so well. Truthfully, all the things we see happening could more correctly be considered punishments by our Heavenly Father, the Creator who is now giving everyone His Warning. It’s evident all over the world, what strikes me is that in the realm of the Heavenly Father rules are different, we are charged to acknowledge our Master and Father, both sides. Both sides; meaning the side of the Believers, and the side of the non-believers. If you are on the side of satan you must declare yourselves. Time to choose!

I have to wonder what possesses a country to become so corrupt, and so acceptable to the evils of corruption. While I’ve tried to teach those around me the wonderful greatness of the Kingdom of Yahuwah that should be in each one of us, I have faced everything here, except the Kingdom that Yahuwah intended by offering His Only Son to die on a cross for all our sins. I know the deceptions brought by satan and his minions have ruled this earth for many centuries, but I also know that there are many who have sought the truth. In these last days there have been many seekers, and they have found much of the lost Word of Yahuwah. satan no longer has the control he once had, and the true name of the Almighty Creator is once again known. The pronunciation is Yah-oo-ah - Yahuwah.

I also have to wonder why a community would involve themselves in lies, deceit, and gossip to persecute a man who came into your community with a plan to help the community, improve the living conditions, and offer jobs to the young. What possesses a community to attack a man who invested 325,000 US Dollars/ 14 Million Pesos to try to open some businesses and not one peso of income returned in four years. All because of the satanic evil that uses corruption, lies, deceit, drunkenness, witchcraft, animal and blood sacrifice, abuse towards children, abuse toward the elderly, lack of respect, lack of integrity and idol worship as his tools to control you, and get you to do his bidding. In your community he has told you to use all his tools to attack this believer, follower, and worshipper of the One True Creator and His Crucified Son. A man who tried to spread the truth in the community, tried to spread some compassion in your lives, tried to open up a path for you that leads to our Heavenly Father and His Glorious Kingdom. What will your rejection earn for you? You only attack me to cover your own sins. You think that if you accuse me of a greater sin, you will be held less accountable. I’ve got news for you; all sins are equal in the eyes of the Creator. I’ve received forgiveness for all my sins. What are you counting on? The Word of the Father says that we will know the good from the bad by the fruit they exhibit. Fruits of corruption, lies, deceit, drunkenness, witchcraft, animal and blood sacrifice, abuse towards children, abuse toward the elderly, lack of respect, lack of integrity and idol worship are not of the Heavenly Father, therefore they are of another. The great deceiver is who you must follow since those are the fruits of him, not the Creator.

My hope and prayer for every one of you is that you Repent of your sins, make right your past wickedness, seek forgiveness, and pray for Mercy from the Almighty Father. If you are called to stand before Judgment will you claim the blood of a Believer who you persecuted? I will be claiming the blood of my Risen Saviour, who came in flesh to die for my sins and yours. I will claim the forgiveness of all my sins; past, present, and future as the Word says. I will claim the blood of my Heavenly Fathers’ Only Son for the redemption of my sins. And I will claim my servitude to the One True Elohim, Yahuwah!

In these last days there have been many who brought forth prophesy, warnings, knowledge, and wisdom. There are also many observable things which point anyone to the truth of the End Times!

Earthquakes of greater magnitude and in diverse (unusual locations, different than in the past).

A Radiation leak in Japan, which has the potential of killing all life on the planet, or at least in the Pacific Ocean; this country’s primary source of your food supply.

Fish, Bird, and Animal deaths worldwide in unbelievable numbers. Not hundreds but millions of deaths.

Unusual Weather anomalies, to many to be random, and nothing to do with greenhouse gases or global warming.

A Comet (ELENIN)/dwarf sun/binary star/whatever, massive enough because it has its own satellites/planets in orbit around it, to cause major tidal pulls on the crust of our planet. Unknown to many the crust of this planet is fragile and not nearly as thick as you would think. Less than 5 miles thick in places and only 30 miles thick in the thickest parts.

Please get this the first time; all these things are signs, many are punishments, of the END TIMES! Are you certain you want to face judgment day while persecuting someone for their beliefs and moral code of honor and ethics, especially by using lies and deceptions to make your attacks? Maybe you did not recognize a True Believer when he walked among you? Maybe you need to know the qualities/fruits that are possessed by all True Believers.

There are many people who need to think hard about their beliefs, and make sure they are on the side heading for the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father, Creator of everything. And make certain you are not on that wide path to destruction, which ends in an eternity in the torments of hell and damnation! It’s your choice, you have the free-will to choose either side, but think hard about the consequences of your decision. It is an eternal decision, one where you cannot change your mind. EVER!!!

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