Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tourist Industry Thoughts

Along with our hopes for our projects we also support future development whether by us or others. When I first visited the Philippines in October 2004, I saw great potential for a Tourist Industry. As I contemplated the thought of a resort, restaurant, or other business I was struck by the non-availability of certain necessities for a Tourist Industry. The ones that come to mind are; Building Supplies and Hardware, Concrete and Concrete Block, Packaged Meats, Dairy Products, Resorts other that Beach Resorts, Restaurants, and many other features that would draw tourists to this area. A clear Development Plan is desperately needed right now to avoid problems faced by other areas like overcrowded, partially run down establishments, increase in crime, etc. This community should draw on the knowledge from a wide range of individuals, some may be waiting to be asked.
There are many nearby areas suitable for improvement as Tourist destinations that quickly need to be assessed and developed to spur growth and economic improvement in our community. A quick search on the internet turns up dozens of articles on Lianga and surrounding communities rich in attractions to be developed. Listed below are a few that I recently visited and a few of the possible avenues of marketing, for attracting visitors here, by using internet forums as a mode of advertising.

What better time for our community to take drastic steps in promoting and developing Tourism? Our new President has made promises that would support the goals of development of the Tourism Industry here in Lianga.

The AQUINO PROMISES TRACKER aims to monitor the promises made by President Benigno Aquino III to the Filipino nation. http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/aquino-promises

Promise 87: Promote the Philippines as a prime tourist destination
Tourism, Economy
Posted at 07/25/2010 1:27 AM | Updated as of 07/26/2010 7:00 PM
Noynoy Aquino will promote the Philippines as a prime destination that offers world-class tourist facilities and products through sustainable economic development while protecting and preserving the environment.

Promise 88: Improve infrastructure to tourism sites
Tourism, Economy
Posted at 07/25/2010 1:28 AM | Updated as of 07/26/2010 7:01 PM
We will have a complementary infrastructure system that will include the construction and repair of roads, bridges, airports and seaports to increase accessibility to our sites.

To support the Tourism Industry there are some lacking infrastructure and vital services that must be developed. Some of those are in the process now; Gas Station near Pugad, Zipline at Seahoy Beach Resort, Gas Station in St. Christine, Ice Plant in St. Christine, all coming in the future if all goes well. Yet there are some lacking possibilities that would enhance the services offered to tourists. If there are local residents’ willing to step up and provide these needed developments, now is the time to make quick acknowledgement of those steps to avoid over competition. The President supports business investments; providing a climate for loan support and foreign investors.

Promise 10: Target key industries with greatest potential for growth
Posted at 07/25/2010 12:10 AM | Updated as of 07/26/2010 10:50 AM
We will have broad based and inclusive economic growth through increased incomes by generating quality jobs and attracting more investments.

Promise 16: Lower cost of doing business in the country
Posted at 07/25/2010 12:16 AM | Updated as of 08/09/2010 2:54 PM
(UPDATE: August 9, 2010) We will increase investments to provide quality jobs for Filipinos by lowering the costs of doing business in our country.

The table below, by “The World Bank Group - The Doing Business project...” ranks this country against 183 economies and shows a disturbing pattern, this country ranked lower in 2010 than in 2009, and is near the bottom in some areas.

Ease of...
Doing Business 2010 rank
Doing Business 2009 rank
Change in rank
Doing Business

I can personally attest to the many problems faced by investors, and local entrepreneurs in doing business here.

If President Aquino is to make major advances in the economy it will take citizens working with government, investors, and financiers to achieve the greatest goal.

The President continues with several promises that would greatly benefit the whole of Mindanao including our community. We should help the President fulfill his promises while helping ourselves and our communities improve economically.

Promise 73: Jumpstart economic development in Mindanao through state enterprises partnering with private firms
Mindanao, Economy
Posted at 07/25/2010 1:13 AM | Updated as of 07/26/2010 6:46 PM
My administration will establish state enterprises that will partner with potential private investors or extend guarantees to them to spread the risks.

Promise 94: Promote use of engineering and technology towards sustainable development
economy, education
Posted at 07/25/2010 1:34 AM | Updated as of 07/26/2010 7:07 PM
An Aquino administration will partner with the private sector in building infrastructure for urban and rural agriculture and renewal energy initiatives, and in applying appropriate technologies for sustainable development.

Promise 95: Strict enforcement of existing environmental laws
Economy, Tourism
Posted at 07/25/2010 1:35 AM | Updated as of 07/26/2010 7:07 PM
Strict enforcement of existing environmental laws like the Clean Air, Water, and Solid Waste Acts, coupled with sound mechanisms to ensure compliance.

Promise 102: Intensify drive versus tax evaders
Posted at 07/29/2010 5:54 PM | Updated as of 07/29/2010 5:56 PM
Among his measures to shore up government revenues is to go after tax evaders.

Promise 24: Reintroduce technical and vocational education in public high schools
education, economy
Posted at 07/25/2010 12:24 AM | Updated as of 07/26/2010 11:20 AM
Half our high school graduates want to work upon graduation but do not have enough technical education. We need to provide an education alternative to better prepare students for the world of work.

Promise 44: Create large-scale public works programs to employ urban poor
Urban Poor, Economy
Posted at 07/25/2010 12:44 AM | Updated as of 07/26/2010 6:11 PM
We will create large-scale public works programs that can generate substantial number of jobs for poor men and women.

Promise 45: Working with LGUs in solving housing problems
Urban Poor
Posted at 07/25/2010 12:45 AM | Updated as of 07/26/2010 6:11 PM
We will work with Local Government Units for the full implementation of the provisions of the UDHA and to empower them to address the housing needs of their constituents.

Promise 67: Transparency in use of public funds of LGUs
Posted at 07/25/2010 1:07 AM | Updated as of 07/26/2010 6:43 PM
I will ensure that all fund releases to all LGUs will be transparent and its utilization fully accounted for.

Promise 70: Improve total road network in Mindanao
Mindanao, Economy
Posted at 07/25/2010 1:10 AM | Updated as of 07/26/2010 6:44 PM
During my term, I will improve Mindanao's total road network by bringing its current paved road ratio closer to the national average. This will lower transport costs and post-harvest losses.


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